An affix is a morpheme attached to a stem, hence creating a new word.


A circumfix, also called a discontinuous morpheme, is an affix which requires both a prefix and a suffix to make the change.

For example In german to create a past participle you add "ge" to the start of the verb and "t" to the end.

  • e.g. geliebt


An infix is an affix inserted in the middle of a stem.

In English we only find these with expletives:
e.g. Absofuckinglutely.

In languages such as Bontoc we have examples such as:
fikas (adj, strong) -> fumikas (verb, to be strong)


A prefix is an affix added to the beginning of a stem.

e.g. Register -> Deregister


A suffix is an affix appended to the end of a stem.

e.g. Employ -> Employment