Arts1691 Aphasia


The loss of ability to understand or express speech, due to brain damage

They link words based on semantic category, syntactic category and word derivation. It’s like they don’t read a word, they read the meaning and then produce a random word for it.


Location: Frontal Lobe (extension of the motor cortex)

Symptoms of Broca's Aphasia:

  • Essentially structural loss
  • Laboured speech
  • Agrammatic (define) – slow, effortful, lack of function words and inflections


Location: Temporal Lobe (posterior section of the superior temporal gyrus, encircling the auditory cortex).

Symptoms of Wernicke's Aphasia:

  • Essentially semantic loss
  • Fluent speech, largely syntactically correct
  • Semantic rubbish
  • Includes jargon and nonsense words