COMP1927 - Definitions
  • Time: A UNIX command which will print out the real (clock time passed), sys[tem] (system call cpu time) and user (your programs’ cpu runtime) times. This is spelt T. I. M. E.
    • Time works with polling, so it’s quite clumsily done.
  • Extern: Written before a variable/function in order to declare them for use when they're defined in another (linked) file.
  • Static Variables: They are initialised once and after that they retain the same value (see the wikipedia code example)
  • Base Case: The terminating case that stops infinite loops (e.g. n = 0 or 1 in factorials)Wikipedia
  • Inductive Case: Any step n that calls the n+1th or n-1th step
  • Dynamic Memory: Basically anything that requires malloc. I.e. the heap
  • Environmental Variables: We’re not dealing with them in this course, but Wikipedia