COMP3411 Miscellaneous Stuff


Turing (we all know who he is), was very into both physical and mental fitness; he used to do a variant of chess boxing (probably pre-dating it) where the players would have to run around the house before making another move.

He was persecuted for homosexuality as well, which is quite sad.

Turing is perhaps most well-known for the Turing Test, a test designed to determine whether or not an AI has reached human-level intelligence. The test consists of an interrogator talking to a tele-type machine, and having to guess whether they are talking to a human or an AI. Cleverbot is an example of a bot designed to defeat the Turing Test (none yet have).

Turing never defines intelligence, only discusses how to measure it. One of his texts describing a potential interaction between a bot and an interrogator has the bot knowing:

  • Poetry techniques and the rhythm of words
  • Negative connotations associated with different seasons
  • The typicality of an event (e.g. Christmas not being a typical Winter day).


Eliza was a very early attempt at a Turing-Test bot. It used pattern matching to respond to a patient. However pattern matching leads to some common mistakes such as:

  • The problem is, my mother's ill.
  • Why is your mother ill? (correct)
  • The problem is, my mother's Irish.
  • Why is your mother Irish?
  • The problem is, my mother's Poodle.
  • Why is your mother Poodle?

IBM Jeopardy Winning Computer

The IBM Computer designed to win Jeopardy had to learn that pattern matching and keyword matching can be quite weak in some situations, and that more complex analysis of paragraphs can be necessary.