Memory (PSYC1011)

Not all memories are the same. Different systems and processes used for creating and retrieving different memories - can't treat all memories equally.

Attkinson & Shiffrin Model for Cognition (1968)


Essentially stimuli is processed and lost/stored at each step.

  • With the sensory registers we lose everything we don't pay attention to.
  • Rehearsal involves repeating or practicing or focussing on something to keep it in STM.
  • There's a two way link between STM and LTM.

This tells us that we make new memories by perceiving things in the world around us.

Our memory system is not about accuracy - it's about who we are and where we're going - we lose memories, we edit them, we forget things, we shift things between STM and LTM and back, everytime we use something we change it something, we lose details about events.